Raw Diamonds into high performing business


Companies are machines with numerous components. Production, Sales, Service, Marketing, Legal Accounting
and other pieces that come together to build a company. Some consultants focus on just one aspect and they work your business from a single point of view, not working other key areas.

In HAG Consulting have a broad view of your business, including all components and the ensurance that your
machine works, without one component putting another at risk and avoiding loss of capital on incomplete solutions.



Business Development

We help young businesses find their place in the market through an agile way, using methods that enables the deployment of an idea quickly.



Business Rethinking

We guide companies who recognize that it is time to try new ways and solutions through strategic market analysis, processes and operations.



Operations Redesign

We optimize organizations who know their product, processes and market and improve its operation in order to bring better results.

There are no magic formulas, but there are always ingredients that always bring results. We work with simple operational principles and connect them to agile structures that deliver value with little time and effort.

Clientes / Parceiros

Cliente Wairon Cliente Nutrieduc Cliente Mentório Cliente Fleety Cliente Eco Innovare Cliente Caixa Filosofal Cliente Engaged

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