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Business design & strategy based on value ,innovation ,people

Companies are like living organisms, unique and with a lot of elements: Production, Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Legal, Accounting, among others, working together so that a company, startup or project can evolve instead of just surviving. Some consulting companies focus only on one of such aspects, working on your business from a single point of view, leaving other essential areas unattended. At HAG Consulting & Ventures, we apply a broader vision to your business adjusting each element of your company to work together and in synchronicity. We treat your company in an unique way like a living organism should be.



Value Creation


Disruptive Factor


Unique Factor

HAG Services

Our Services

HAG Consulting & Ventures has specialized services that cover all stages of a company, from the grinding and design of an idea to the phase of scale and internationalization.
HAG Academy

Educational Programs

ONE-STOP-SHOP for innovative mindset that creates a new sense of personal and/or professional purpose, strengthening the protagonism and guiding the search for new paths.
HAG Labs

Grinding Lab

Using cutting edge methodologies & processes like Design Thinking, Service Design, BMG, Value Proposition, Lean Startup, among others, we aim to design the best blueprint for your idea, startup or business.
HAG Business

Sustainable Growth

Uniqueness in business comes mainly from intellectual capital. We at HAG Consulting & Ventures know that this is one of our best skills and we puts our know how to work in a unique way in each client or investment.


Examples of companies, organizations and institutions who trusted HAG Consulting & Ventures
  • Beracode
  • Nutrieduc
  • fae
  • eadbox
  • caixa filosofal
  • mentorio
  • engaged
  • wairon
  • space242
  • negocie precatorios

Institutions & Organizations

Judgement panels, mentorship and international & national programs to which we have been contributing

  • mit
  • eia
  • startup-grind
  • start-up chile
  • founder institute
  • start-up brasil
  • inovativa brasil
  • anjos do brasil
  • instituto legado
  • senai


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